Klant: Confidential

Dienst: Prototyping/Automation

Sector: Renewable Energy



Client: Confidential

Service: Prototyping/Automation

Sector: Renewable Energy

Quality Control

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The Challenge


By investing in a testing machine, our customer wants to complement and enhance its already strict quality control.

IMA was commissioned to build a test system that :

  • Complements and improves the already strict quality control
  • Is universally applicable (one tool for many products)
  • Generates simple, reproducible and repeatable results.
  • Is easy to install and operate
  • Is safe for the operators (focus on machine safety)
  • Generates reliable data (calibration and verification of the system)


IMA has built a testing machine that measures and reports parameters such as starting torque and running torque via its measurement systems. The adjustable height and width control, which uses electrically driven spindles, makes the machine universally applicable and easier to use.

Operators are safely protected from hazards by various collective risk reductions. The user interface includes a number of standard recipes but can also create customised recipes in a quick and simple way. Measurement reports are generated and can be printed. Coupling it to the existing IT infrastructure allows the data to be used in the customer’s process immediately.

Cost savings

Using the testing machine allows any abnormalities to be detected at an early stage. This leads to a considerable saving because people can be sure of the quality of the follow-up process and because it reinforces the reputation of our customer as a high-quality supplier.

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