Machine building

Turnkey automation projects

Total project

IMA ensures that a project is delivered fully ready for use – a task we carry out entirely by ourselves. This provides you with many benefits: you only have one point of contact (your personally-assigned project manager), you don’t have to look for different manufacturers yourself and, consequently, don’t have to communicate with them separately.

Furthermore, you then know both the total price and the implementation date in advance. Moreover, we limit risks by using our network of trusted partners and suppliers. Ready for accelerated production?

The realisation of a total solution

Ready for a solution tailored to your needs? Machine building is the powerful combination of the skills of our three divisions: Prototyping, Automation and Tooling.

Because of this, we are able to build complete production lines. These larger systems may consist of prototype equipment, non-IMA machines or existing installations.

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A reliable partner

Why choose IMA? It means choosing a reliable partner with over 29 years of experience behind it. We are proactive and strive for effective and efficient production for each customer. So you can enjoy both a budgetary and competitive advantage.

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